Hillary Clinton Still Can’t Stop Coughing! Latest Fit Comes On “Rachel Maddow Show”

Crooked Hillary's health remains in question

Image Credits: youtube screenshots.

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s infamous cough that wouldn’t go away leading up to the 2016 election is back.

During Tuesday’s broadcast of the “Rachel Maddow Show,” Clinton tried to promote her new book “State of Terror” in-between obnoxious fits of coughing.

Maddow tried to cover for Hillary, saying, “Hillary Clinton is… Oh, excuse me. Sorry, I didn’t mean to jump in there in a way that surprised you.”

The MSNBC host made an awkward face as she held back a laugh after Clinton was barely able to utter, “Thank you,” at the end of the interview.

While mainstream media outlets like the New York Times claimed in 2016 that “conspiracy theories about a [Hillary Clinton] allergy attack” were swirling after her coughing fits, her attacks are still taking place five years later.

A simple search on the Infowars.com archives reveals over twenty results for coughing Clinton articles.

At one point in 2016, Crooked Hillary was filmed collapsing as she tried to enter a van during her presidential campaign.

Watch the full Hillary Clinton & Rachel Maddow interview in the two videos below: