US Under More Tyranny Now Than in 1776, Says Historian

"The far-left unfortunately has taken control over the 5 major megaphones of our nation: meaning the media, entertainment, academia, and of late science and medicine," says Douglas MacKinnon.

Image Credits: screenshot/Fox News.

The United States is experiencing more tyranny presently than it did during the revolutionary period of 1776, according to author and historian Douglas MacKinnon.

In a “Fox & Friends” interview on Saturday, MacKinnon warned host Rachel Campos-Duffy that America’s true history is no longer being taught in schools, and that America is oppressed by more tyranny now than in the year it was founded because of the left’s stranglehold on information, education, and science centers.

“As bad as the tyranny was on in 1776 in many ways it is worse now in 2022 because the far left unfortunately has taken control over the 5 major megaphones of our nation,” MacKinnon said.

“Meaning the media, entertainment, academia, and of late science and medicine. What these 56 men would tell us, unless and until they imprison us, unless and until they take our lives, we have our voices. They cannot silence us. We have to speak to the greatness of our country.”

MacKinnon explained that he wrote the book “The 56” to honor the 56 patriots who risked it all to sign the Declaration of Independence.

“Last July 3rd I wasn’t even thinking about writing this book,” he said. “Then on the 4th of July of last year I did a little bit of a video tour of some of the more liberal sites out, and on site after site, I saw guests on the left call not only for the cancellation of the 4th of July, but the cancellation of our Founding Fathers and the American flag.”

“And at that point I decided and called my publisher and said, ‘If we don’t put out a book, if we don’t defend these men and we don’t defend that time, if we don’t defend the genius of that time and the Founding Fathers we are going to lose our chance to do so.’”

“American children do not learn that these are the heroes that created the greatest nation on the face of the earth,” he added.

To MacKinnon’s point, leftist groups like the Women’s March and the Arizona’s Pima County Democrat Party are organizing “Fuck the Fourth” marches on Independence Day.

Notably, the Pima County Democrat Party deleted their tweet announcing the “Fuck the Fourth” march, admitting their flyer was “in poor taste,” but doubled down on their support for such an event.

While most Americans try to celebrate the nation’s founding with friends and family despite extreme economic hardship under Joe Biden, the left is busy with its divisive mission to denigrate America in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to turn over abortion policy to the states.

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