Homeowner Shoots Intruder Who Threatened to ‘Kill Everyone Inside’ – Police

Police believe homeowner acted in self-defense during fatal shooting

Image Credits: Theerawat Pm / EyeEm / Getty Images.

A homeowner fatally shot an intruder who was threatening to ‘kill everyone inside,’ according to police in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Brandon Sharp, 36, allegedly broke into a house in a maniacal rage and issued death threats to the home’s three occupants.

“When he kicked in the door, they said he was talking crazy and making threats to kill everyone inside,” said Tulsa Police Lt. Brandon Watkins told Tulsa World.

The man rampaged through the house, kicking in more doors, the homeowner told police.

The homeowner ultimately fired a rifle one time, striking Sharp in the torso and killing him, according to police.

The house in question has reportedly been condemned several times by the city and is a site of frequent disturbances.

“It’s not a bad neighborhood except for that house over there. There’s traffic coming in and out of there at all times. Strange people, it’s a bad house,” one local resident told KTUL.

Another resident said, “Not a week goes by I don’t hear shots in this neighborhood.”

“I want this neighborhood safe.”

Police have determined the homeowner likely acted in self-defense and he is not currently facing any charges.

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