Horrific Video Shows Daycare Worker Terrifying Sobbing Toddlers With Halloween Mask

Outrage as footage shows wailing tots trying to run away hide and from screeching demon

Image Credits: Screenshot.

A video of a daycare worker in Mississippi donning a scream face halloween mask and frightening tiny children to tears has sparked guttural outrage online.

The footage shows a woman screaming into the faces of the toddlers, causing them to wail and flinch in terror.

The woman in the mask is heard in the video telling colleagues that she is targeting the children that have been “bad” while leaving the “good” ones alone.

The clearly demented person is seen leaning over one child and creepily saying “are you being bad,” to which the child shakes his head and cries “no”.

The demon then yells into the boy’s face “you better be good” and moves on to another child.

At one point in the video, the woman simulates smashing down the door to the room before chasing the children, who run and wail in terror and try to hide behind shelving.



The person who filmed the footage, another worker at the Lil’ Blessings Childcare centre, claims that she had witnessed the woman doing the same thing previously and complained about it, but that management had done nothing in response.

Jennifer Kayla Newman stated on Facebook that she filmed the incident as evidence to later be used to expose the co-worker.

Local reports state that four workers involved have been fired and The Monroe County, MS Sheriff’s Department is conducting an investigation.

A Facebook post from the Sheriff’s Department stated that it “is aware of video from the daycare in Hamilton and is working with the county prosecutor to see if there is any possible criminal charges that can be filed.”

Sheriff Kevin Crook told local news station WCBI “I understand people want retaliation or retribution or whatever they want. Justice is really what they want.”

The Sheriff further urged residents “Not to do anything irrational and to take matters into their hands and go after some of these young people or whatever who they know is involved or the owner of the business that’s gonna get them in trouble.”

Alissa Hays, the mother of one of the children in the video, said “We thought we knew these people, we’re from here. I can not communicate the words how I feel. I’m devastated for my baby.”

Another parent, Keegan Hays, said “For this to happen was actually shocking on top of very angry. When something like that happens to your kid there are a lot of thoughts that run through your head.”

Hays said that he challenged workers at the centre to give an explanation, but that hey “did not seem to take the matter seriously”.

The daycare centre issued a brief statement claiming “the director was not aware that this happened but when it was made public the situation was taken care of people were fired.”

The parents are exploring the possibility of legal action, according to the report.


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