Horrifying: Man Livestreams Moment His Friend Found Dead – One Week After Dose #2

'Second dose, be careful guys. People need to know, the government's forcing people to take vaccines...and look what's happened to him.'

Image Credits: bitchute screenshot.

A man was live-streaming on social media as he went to check on a friend who’d recently caught pneumonia after taking his second Covid vaccine dose.

On his way to his friend’s house, a nurse tells the man, “I’m sorry, I don’t know if he’s alive or not.”

“So this ain’t a joke,” the man says.

“I know this guy, he took the second dose of the vaccine. After he took the second dose he caught pneumonia, and I’ve been kinda talking to him cause he’s been telling me what’s going on, and I haven’t heard from him in three days, and today we have fire trucks coming to his room, and he might actually be dead. He might be dead. After the second dose of the vaccine he might be dead.”

The man encounters a fire crew attempting to breach his friend’s front door due to it being locked and no one inside responding.

“So this is no longer a conspiracy,” the man says.

After entering the home and directing the fire crew to the friend’s room, the man discovers his friend dead.

“Oh fuck, he’s done,” the man says after seeing his friend slumped over lifeless, at which point firemen attempt to block him from filming.

The man tells livestream viewers and the firemen that his friend died due to the vaccine.

“Second dose, be careful guys. People need to know, the government’s forcing people to take vaccines…and look what’s happened to him,” he says.

“Well, we don’t know what’s happened to him so we can’t say for sure,” a fireman tells him.

“He took the second dose,” the man insists.

“But that doesn’t mean he died because of that,” the fireman counters.

“He caught pneumonia after the second dose. You guys are denying it because you guys are getting paid by the government,” the man replies.

After denying the allegations, the firemen tell the man filming to leave in order to give the dead friend some “dignity.”

“Give him some dignity about his death but let’s not mention the fact that he took the second dose of the vaccine, right?”

The man, who says he’s been previously shadowbanned on social media, leaves fully convinced his friend died a week after taking his second Covid vaccine dose.

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