Horror: Doctor’s Testimony About Abortion Leaves Congress Speechless

Dr. Anthony Levatino contends that second and third trimester abortions do nothing to save women's lives -- as claimed by Planned Parenthood and abortion advocates.

Image Credits: Matt McClain/ The Washington Post via Getty Images.

A physician’s congressional testimony about the horrifying realities of abortion procedures left lawmakers speechless.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Anthony Levatino’s 2015 testimony before the House Judiciary Committee about the horrors of abortion resurfaced and is going viral on social media.

In accompanying written testimony, Dr. Levatino contended that second and third trimester abortions do nothing to save women’s lives, as is purported by Planned Parenthood and abortion advocates.

I want to make a comment on the necessity and usefulness of utilizing second and third trimester abortion to save women’s lives. I often hear the argument late-term abortion legal is necessary to save women’s lives in cases of life threatening conditions that can and do arise in pregnancy.

Albany Medical Center where I worked for over seven years is a tertiary referral center that accepts patients with life threatening conditions related to or caused by pregnancy. I personally treated hundreds of women with such conditions in my tenure there. There are several serious conditions that can arise or worsen typically during the late second or third trimester of pregnancy that require immediate care.

In many of those cases, ending or “terminating” the pregnancy, if you prefer, can be life saving. But is abortion a viable treatment option in this setting? I maintain that it usually, if not always, is not.

Watch the full 2015 Congressioanl hearing on abortion procedures: