Horror: Homeless Man Eats Own Feces at San Fran Bus Stop

Disgusting video depicts realtime collapse of California city into third world hellhole

A shocking video reportedly shot in San Francisco purports to show a homeless man eating his own feces, in yet another sign of the city’s degradation.

In the now-deleted video, posted Sunday by congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine (R-Cali.) ahead of Super Tuesday, a man wearing a hoodie is seen digging into the back of his pants then putting his hands to his mouth.

“Oh c’monnn San Francisco… why you want to keep our city so sh*tty?! Save our [poop emoji]y city. Clean it up and Vote #DeAnna2020 on March 3rd!” the candidate challenging Rep. Nancy Pelosi for the District 12 seat wrote on Twitter.

The video below appears courtesy of PCMDNews.com,

Repulsed viewers sounded off on social media:

The left-leaning coastal city has had a hard time dealing with the growing number of homeless people as of late.

Just last December, Safeway shoppers were treated to a homeless man on drugs using a grocery store aisle as a port-a-potty.

The disgusting incident is just the latest grotesque snapshot from the bay area, as San Francisco continues its de-evolution into a third world hellhole thanks to detrimental liberal policies.

Owen Shroyer and Alex Jones discuss the leftist policies contributing to the rising homeless epidemic. Alex may have a suggestion, or 2, on how to combat it.