Horror: Nashville Nurse Gets Bells Palsy From Vaccine!

Image Credits: Banned.video.

Khalilah Mitchell, a registered nurse from Nashville, Tennessee, now suffers from bells palsy after getting a Covid-19 vaccine.

Mitchell gave heartbreaking testimony following the vaccination, claiming within three days she noticed something happening to her face.

“I’m reaching out to everyone about the Covid-19 vaccination. I recently took the covid-19 vaccination. After the shot I felt fine, but within three days I went to the doctor because I had problems with my face.

“The whole left side of my face, actually. I have bells palsy now. And as you can see I can’t smile. I’m trying to smile,” Mitchell says breaking down into tears.

“I just want everyone to know that I think this vaccination is the worst thing ever, and I would not give this to anybody, even my worst enemy.”

Mitchell leaves a dire warning for the unvaccinated:

“Please America, they do not care about us. Do not take this vaccination.”

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