Hospital Cancels Sex Assault Survivor’s Surgery After She Opposed Transgender Nurse Performing ‘Intimate’ Procedure

Patient now accused of 'discrimination and harassment'

Image Credits: Viviane Moos / Contributor.

A British woman has had her surgery canceled by a local hospital after she refused to accept a male nurse wearing a blonde wig as a “woman.”

The anonymous UK woman, who is a retired lawyer and old-school feminist, reached out to the Daily Mail to get the word out about how she’s being discriminated against.

The patient was going to undergo a complex colorectal surgery at London’s Princess Grace Hospital at the beginning of October.

She specifically requested an all-female staff perform the operation as she was previously sexually assaulted by a man and wouldn’t feel comfortable knowing male staff would potentially tend to her “intimate care” while she was immobilized for an entire week following major surgery.

Despite specifically making this request, the woman was shocked when a person she claims was a biological male wearing a blonde wig and makeup opened the door for a pre-op appointment involving intimate medical work.

At this time, the woman made another request for all-female nursing staff and began wondering if she was being targeted for making the request in the first place.

Did the hospital send in the trans person on purpose because she wanted an all-female nursing staff?

“I began to suspect that I had been targeted because my patient records showed that I refused to use pronouns and wanted single-sex facilities, although I have no evidence of this,” she told the Daily Mail.

The woman added, “Then I began to panic that men would be attending to my intimate care at the hospital while I was immobilized for an entire week following major surgery.”

In her second request for all-female nurses, the anonymous patient wrote, “I do feel that the hospital should follow a protocol of offering ALL women patients single-sex nursing care. Please do not make life difficult for women when they are at their most vulnerable by forcing them into uncomfortable and embarrassing situations. I cannot believe that I am the first patient to have raised this with you.”

In a surprising response, the hospital’s chief executive Maxine Estop Green wrote back to the patient, telling her the hospital “did not share her beliefs” and would be canceling her surgery.

The hospital executive’s reply also shockingly claimed the medical facility was protecting its staff from “discrimination and harassment” as well as “unacceptable distress” apparently caused by the patient.

The patient told the Daily Mail, “Everything that has happened is so off the wall and irrational, that it makes me believe that I have been targeted by trans activists within the hospital. As always, this is about appeasing men who claim a gender identity. They will punish anyone who tells the truth.”

She continued, “I will not be forced to use the language of gender ideology, that is, pronouns that don’t apply to me. Women’s safety, dignity and privacy continues to be sacrificed on the altar of this quasi-religion.”

The feelings of men posing as women are being prioritized over the legitimate concerns of actual women thanks to the spread of neo-liberal ideology.