Hospital Revokes Doctor’s Privileges For Praising Ivermectin & Condemning Vax Mandates On Social Media

"They are against my opinion on ivermectin, but they never called me and had a conversation with me," Dr. Mary Bowden explained.

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A Texas MD named Mary Bowden has been stripped of her medical privileges for sharing her opinions on ivermectin and vaccine mandates through her Twitter account.

According to attorneys Kate Maguire, Esq. and Jennifer Kirschenbaum, Esq, “As a doctor, one of the worst things that could happen in your career is a hospital’s decision to suspend or revoke your privileges. This can be particularly tragic to your career if your entire practice stems from your ability to maintain those privileges.”

Dr. Bowden has been vocal on her personal social media page, criticizing mandatory vaccinations and hospitals that deny patients ivermectin.

“Imagine that your 48 year old husband, the father of your 6 children, is dying in the ICU and the doctors would rather have him die than try ivermectin,” she wrote last week.

The hospital released a statement on the suspension via Twitter on Friday, telling followers, “Dr. Mary Bowden, who recently joined the medical staff at Houston Methodist Hospital, is using her social media accounts to express her personal and political opinions about the COVID-19 vaccine and treatments.”

Houston Methodist claimed Dr. Bowden’s personal opinions are “harmful to the community,” before admitting she has been vaccinated for Covid-19.

“Her privileges have been suspended,” a spokesperson for the hospital told CNN.

Dr. Bowden joined Houston’s Morning News with Jimmy Barrett and Shara Fryer to explain the situation in detail.

“I have very loose ties with Methodist, I’m not an employee. I only have privileges there in case I have a patient that is sick enough that they need to be admitted,” she said, noting that has yet to happen because she treats Covid early.

Shara Fryer asked Dr. Bowden if she fears the medical bureaucracies further cracking down on her practice, and the Texas MD said the support she’s received lately makes her feel safe.

Regarding specific reasons for the hospital revoking her privileges, Dr. Bowden said, “They are against my opinion on ivermectin, but they never called me and had a conversation with me. They basically told the Houston Chronicle before they told me.”

Listen to the interview below:

According to Dr. Bowden’s lawyer, she’s successfully treated “more than 2,000 patients with Covid-19” and none have ended up in the hospital.

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