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Image for Homeowner Shoots, Kills Three Armed Home Invaders – Police

Homeowner Shoots, Kills Three Armed Home Invaders – Police

Georgia man defends property from masked intruders thanks to 2nd Amendment

2 days ago By Dan Lyman | INFOWARS.COM

Image for Singer Charli XCX Ends Homophobia by Waving Bottle of Poppers and Shouting “Gay Rights!”

Singer Charli XCX Ends Homophobia by Waving Bottle of Poppers and Shouting “Gay Rights!”

Stunning and brave.

2 days ago By Paul Joseph Watson | INFOWARS.COM

California Homeless Crisis: Sacramento River Contaminated With Human Feces

E. coli at unsafe levels in popular river

3 days ago By Dan Lyman |

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Sep 16, 2019

Adam Carolla Unloads on “Cancel Culture” SJWs: “Shut the F*ck Up”

"Comedians need a place where they can be offensive without your bullshit, fake outrage."

Sep 13, 2019

Portland Soccer Team Crushed After Fans Boo Trump During Military Ceremony

Crowd jeers as enlistees pledge to obey POTUS commands

Sep 12, 2019

Swedish Rapper Calls For White People to be Shot

"We should take them as slaves and treat them even worse."

Sep 11, 2019

San Fran Store Owner Bitten Twice by Vagrants in Separate Attacks

Shopkeeper says aggressive homeless destroying neighborhood

Sep 10, 2019

New Monopoly Pays Women More Than Men

Girls begin with more cash & get paid more for passing 'Go'

Sep 10, 2019

The Age of Degeneracy

And so-called conservatives are embracing it.

Sep 09, 2019

Church Opposing ‘Drag Queen Story Time’ Vandalized With Satanic Slogans

Pastor believes church targeted for standing up to evil

Sep 09, 2019

Sep 09, 2019

Starting Tonight: Fire Power With Will Johnson at 7pm Central

New daily show forges a path in the info war

Sep 05, 2019

Soccer Fans Banned From Flying ‘Betsy Ross’ Flag

Patriotic couple ordered to ditch US flag

Sep 05, 2019

Sep 03, 2019

McCarthyism 101: Actors demand ‘blacklist’ of Trump supporters in Hollywood

There is a big difference between political donors having their names publicly available online in the appropriate context and actually demanding an industry blacklist with the express purpose of damaging careers and reputations

Sep 02, 2019

Odessa gunman was sacked hours before going on shooting spree – report

Suspect lost his trucking job prior to launching massacre

Aug 28, 2019

Aug 28, 2019

Communist Chinese Quote Taylor Swift In Attack On President Trump

State media argues that Trump is bluffing with trade threats, cites pop star as evidence

Aug 28, 2019

Taylor Swift Promotes ‘Equality Act,’ White House Responds

Trump admin says bill laden with poison pills

Aug 23, 2019

Reports: Jail Bosses Knew Epstein Should Be Watched, Source Tells Lawyer Financier’s Death Wasn’t Suicide

News reports provide reason to think Esptein’s “suicide” might not have been a suicide after all

Aug 23, 2019

CNN Hires Andrew McCabe As A Contributor

Justice Department watchdog claimed McCabe misled investigators on aspects of Clinton Foundation investigation and Hillary Clinton’s email server probe

Aug 22, 2019

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Hired as Fox News Contributor

Will “provide political commentary and analysis across all of FOX News Media..."

Aug 21, 2019

Prince Andrew Flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Jet with Teen ‘sex slave’: Pilot

Royal flew on late pedophile's private jet a number of times, according to deposition by pilot

Aug 21, 2019

The Truth About Greta

She wants you to panic.

Aug 20, 2019

Top Liberal Champion Piers Morgan: ‘Liberals have become unbearable’

Says leftists want 'humorless void where nothing happens'

Aug 20, 2019

Aug 20, 2019

Ocasio-Cortez blasts Electoral College as a ‘scam’

Calls for abolishing US electoral system

Aug 19, 2019

Limbaugh: ‘I Think Trump Is Already Reelected’

Trump's ability to sidestep attacks makes him unstoppable

Aug 19, 2019

Disney Shares Slide As Whistleblower Claims Revenues “Materially Overstated”

Disney says claims reviewed and found to be “utterly without merit”

Aug 16, 2019

Epstein Death Officially Ruled as Suicide

Medical examiner ruling doesn't explain shrieking heard from jail cell

Aug 16, 2019

Aug 15, 2019

Epstein Autopsy Findings Deepen Mystery Around His Death

Broken neck bones common in strangulation murders

Aug 14, 2019

NBC and ABC IGNORE Shooting at ICE Office, Seconds on CBS

Holding people responsible for overheated rhetoric after an act of violence only applies to Republicans/conservatives, not liberals/Democrats/MSM