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Image for Museum Forced to Adopt ‘Gender Neutral’ Pronouns For Ships After Offended SJWs Vandalize Signs

Museum Forced to Adopt ‘Gender Neutral’ Pronouns For Ships After Offended SJWs Vandalize Signs

Admiral slams "political correctness gone insult to a generation of sailors"

6 hours ago By Paul Joseph Watson | INFOWARS.COM

Image for Crazed Leftist Calls For UKIP Candidate to be Tortured to Death

Crazed Leftist Calls For UKIP Candidate to be Tortured to Death

Woman wants Carl Benjamin "forcefully lobotomized" for politically incorrect tweet

15 hours ago By Paul Joseph Watson | INFOWARS.COM

Vegan Feminist Cafe That Imposed 18% “Gender Surcharge” on Men Closes Down

Bye bye

2 days ago By Paul Joseph Watson | INFOWARS.COM

‘Fat Sex Therapist’ Compares Fitness Trainers to Nazis, Children’s Dieting to Sexual Assault

'I experience diet culture as a form of assault because it impacts the way that I experience my body'

2 days ago By Kyle Hooten |

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Apr 17, 2019

Desecration & Hatred While France Looks for Scapegoat

Although the investigation will take dozens of investigators months, CNN & FOX push the French government’s forgone conclusion that Notre Dame fire is “accidental”

Apr 14, 2019

Actor Geoffrey Thorne Attacks Candace Owens: ‘They will Never Think of You As Anything But an Obedient Ni**er’

“You will never be one of them. they see you as a trained animal that does the right tricks."

Apr 13, 2019

Robert De Niro Still Believes Mueller Can Put Trump ‘Away for a Long Time’

“I might even be happier the day that Mueller puts him in handcuffs, takes him in an orange jumpsuit and puts him away for a long time.”

Apr 12, 2019

Nets Give One Minute to Obama Counsel Indictment, Gave Manafort’s 60 Percent of Airtime

Airtime dedicated to the indictment by the broadcast networks was grossly lopsided

Apr 12, 2019

NY Dems Block Bill Expanding College Tuition for Gold Star Families after Approving $27M in Tuition Aid for Illegal Immigrants: Report

Bill proposed expanding college tuition aid for children of deceased and disabled military veterans

Apr 12, 2019

Photos Surface Revealing 2017 ‘Closed-Door’ Meeting Between Rep. Ilhan Omar and Turkish President Erdogan

Met in same room where Erdogan met with assembled top leadership of U.S. Muslim Brotherhood

Apr 12, 2019

The Dictionary Adds ‘White Fragility’

For the love of God. Really?

Apr 08, 2019

Reddit Page Bans White People From Posting

Because segregation is progressive!

Apr 03, 2019

Islam vs LGBT

Choose your fighter!

Apr 02, 2019

Video: Trump PAC Releases ‘Creepy Joe’ Ad

Highlights Democrat hypocrisy by borrowing format from Hillary Clinton 2016 ad

Apr 02, 2019

Malinvestment: Have We Learned Anything Since the Last Recession?

What benefits humans is the actual output of productive activity, not more money

Apr 02, 2019

2017 Jussie Smollett Music Video Featured A Fake Trump, A Noose And ‘Alternative Facts’

Smollett’s video, titled “F.U.W.” for “F**ked Up World,” explored themes of perceived racial bias and human rights abuses from Dakota Access Pipeline and Standing Rock to the water crisis in Flint, Michigan

Apr 02, 2019

Pro-Life ‘Unplanned’ Scores #5 Box Office, Despite Advertising Ban by Major Networks

At $6.1, the opening weekend box office for Unplanned exceeded the film’s $6 million budget, doubling revenue projections

Apr 01, 2019

Dick’s CEO a Member of Michael Bloomberg’s Gun Control Group

Dick’s banned sale of “assault rifles” and “high capacity” magazines two weeks after Parkland shooting

Apr 01, 2019

Western Culture Has Died A Politically Correct Death

The political correctness people are the most alienated and emotionally weak element in the society

Mar 29, 2019

WND Founder Joseph Farah Suffers Serious Stroke

Nation's first online news organization pulling together in leader's absence

Mar 28, 2019

Has Our Culture Hit a Dead End?

Movies, music & entertainment just keep repeating

Mar 28, 2019

CNN’s Brian Stelter Claims Ratings Are Down Because It’s A Slow News Week

House eunuch claims 'there hasn’t been much news' since special counsel delivered report on Russian collusion

Mar 27, 2019

Pedophile Faints After Getting 260-year Prison Sentence

Judge: 'The level of depravity is beyond comprehension'

Mar 27, 2019

Kamala Harris Rushed to Exploit Jussie Smollett Case. Now She Says She’s ‘Confused’ And ‘At A Loss’

Tuesday on CNN, Harris said she's "at a loss" and "completely confused" when it comes to judging Chicago prosecutors dropping all charges against Smollett for allegedly faking a hate crime against himself

Mar 26, 2019

Best Jussie Smollett Escapes Justice Memes

16 felony charges dropped because 'Empire' actor served community service

Mar 26, 2019

Colbert Says Trump ‘Only Has Himself To Blame’ For Russian Collusion Conspiracy Theory

'Even if Trump was falsely accused, he only has himself to blame because he lies so much...'

Mar 26, 2019

Wikipedia Editors Paid to Protect Political, Tech, and Media Figures

Editor was paid by media clients to help diminish critical material

Mar 25, 2019

Internet Explodes With Russia Hoax Collapse Memes Over Mueller Report

Dems humiliated, Trump vindicated by Special Counsel finding no collusion

Mar 23, 2019

Mar 23, 2019

Washington Police Officer, a Father of Three, Killed by Illegal Alien

Had been living in the US illegally since overstaying H-2A visa in 2014

Mar 22, 2019

Media Matters Madeline Peltz Bullies Immigrants

Group comes under fire after Daily Caller unearths inflammatory comments

Mar 22, 2019

Trump has More Women as Top advisers than Obama, Bush, or Clinton

At the beginning of the third year of his first term as president, Trump has seven female top advisers

Mar 18, 2019

Mar 14, 2019

Free Speech Law and Representing Alex Jones

Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes discusses his Alex Jones case