How Are These Poor & Overpopulated Nations With Low Vax Numbers Crushing Covid?

This data exposes the Covid vaccine scam

Image Credits: f9photos / Getty.

Researcher and former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson recently pointed out that many densely populated nations are seeing lower Covid case numbers than many wealthy Western nations.

Berenson noted, “India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Indonesia collectively have 2 billion people… and essentially no access to advanced Covid vaccines.”

However, instead of raging Covid numbers destroying these countries, graphs show Covid cases have fallen, staying true to Farr’s Law.

Over 100 years ago, UK epidemiologist William Farr figured out that epidemics naturally rise and fall in a bell-shaped curve.





None of the nations above have vaccination rates over 50%, but they all currently have very low Covid case numbers.

Meanwhile, highly vaccinated countries such as the UK and America are witnessing case numbers that refuse to drop back to their pre-spike levels.



Perhaps we’d all be better off if we had just let nature take its course and promoted exercise, a healthy diet and vitamin supplementation.

Data out of the Amish community also shows a difference in vaccinated and non-vaccinated populations regarding Covid-19 cases and deaths.