How Artificial Intelligence Could Replace Human Decision-Making — And Soon

'Inside your home, items will become self-aware of their own lifespan...'

If you, like many others, are wondering how artificial intelligence (AI) will change your daily life, envision this: Inside your home, items will become self-aware of their own lifespan and will autonomously order better, cheaper replacements that arrive exactly before their depletion. From lights that reorder themselves to appliances that are smarter and understand your needs and lifestyle, AI will integrate seamlessly into your home.

At the office, your traditional pre-commuting headaches will vanish. Predictive models will observe your calendar and morning rituals to prepare you for your day. Your AI “companion” will order your favorite vehicle experience, which will wait for you without intervention and will quickly route you to your intended destination.

How will this work? Let’s take a step back.

The world is full of interfaces and resources. We interact with interfaces to identify what we want and need. It’s a dynamic that demands a push and pull from users. Over time, our preferences can be modeled and predicted. Our world — and how we behave and interact with everything in it — can be mapped and learned. Awash in interfaces, we will use companions — or digital versions of ourselves — to accomplish mundane tasks for us. These companions will be digital representations of ourselves that adapt and grow with every bit of ingested data.

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