How Many More?

The invasion on our southern border is about to kick into high gear with millions of illegal aliens poised to cross once Title 42 ends on May 11th.

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On the heels of the “How Many More” rally in Austin, Texas, the Washington Post sat perched atop the Drudge Report with a story regarding what they described as a man killing 5 of his neighbors because they complained he was shooting an AR-15 in his yard at all hours of the night.

However, If you were actually interested in the details, it became horrifically obvious that the shooter and the victims were illegal immigrants.

Additionally, the description of the yard led the reader to envision a typical suburban lot when it was a rural area in Texas where target practice is common, a stark reminder of the mockingbird media twisting the fine points to further the globalists’ anti-Second Amendment Bilderberg agenda.

But at the “How Many More” rally, truth was on full display, where unsettling truths were expressed passionately and with focus.

Meanwhile, the media turns on the very people calling for action on the life threatening invasion on our southern border as millions more will pour over after Title 42 ends on May 11th.

This just spotlights the cancerous rot of Obama’s modernization of the Smith Mundt Act in 2012, where propaganda is now dominating crucial life saving information that, when left unreported, will hasten the downfall of western civilization as it is intended.