How The Coup Against Trump Leads To The Path For Liberty

Image Credits: swissmediavision / Getty.

If Trump were to stay in office for a second term, voters would likely become complacent, thinking that everything is under control when it’s not because society can only be saved through an organic culture of liberty and morality.

Only the ‘proles’ can save society, Winston lamented in the dystopic novel 1984, and in this case, the proles represent the voters who never take an active role in society, preferring instead to watch football under the false presumption that as long as they vote every few years, someone else will take care of society’s problems for them.

But this preference of indifference over individualism led to the decades-old decline in the ideas of liberty which was once forged by both a sense of community and a sense of morality.

Community and morality are interlinked because, if you don’t have any bonds to your neighbors, then how do you know how to treat your neighbors right?

Accordingly, a sense of community leads to a sense of interdependency that ultimately leads to liberty because only then are people respected and not treated as disposable by others.

As a result, liberty is true equality because, under liberty, there’s no oppressors and oppressed.

And to forge liberty and morality, it must be done through culture, not politics.

Case in point, look back at Ronald Reagan’s presidency: after his second term, the White House transitioned into an era of neo-conservatism under H.W. Bush which was at odds with the ‘rugged individualism’ of Reagan.

The culture promoted by Reagan didn’t survive his presidency because the people failed to maintain it, and this happens every time the people expect politicians to fix society instead of forging culture on their own beyond bread and circuses.

Going back to Trump, look at what’s going on now: the political elite had to burn all their political capital to remove him from the White House, and in doing so they’ve exposed themselves, shattering the illusion they’ve maintained for decades to cling to power.

Now millions of people are too outraged to go back to watching football, believing someone else can fix society for them. What has been seen by them cannot be unseen.

Compare that to what would have happened had Trump remained in power: his voters would have believed that “everything is under control” and there wouldn’t be a ‘great awakening’ to the ideas of liberty and morality that’s sure to take place now.

Instead, once Trump left office in 2024, it would be business as usual in DC once again without a spiritual shift in society led by the people.

For his supporters, Trump serves them best as a oracle leading them out of the dark, enchanted forest of decadence and decay rather than as just another two-term president who never triggered outlasting change.

Alex Jones strongly suggests that you do not go to the planned state Capital protests happening this weekend nor the inauguration on Jan 20th.