Huge: Arizona Supreme Court Rules Signature Verification Must Be Reevaluated in Kari Lake Election Lawsuit!

Supreme Court rules lower court improperly dismissed Lake's challenge that Maricopa County officials potentially violated signature verification policies.

Image Credits: David Blakeman for The Washington Post via Getty Images.

Former GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s lawsuit in Arizona fighting to preserve election integrity just got a big boost.

In a decision issued late Wednesday, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled a lower trial court must re-examine ballot signature verification procedures with which Lake alleged Maricopa County officials had failed to comply.

At question is whether a previous hearing mischaracterized “Lake’s claim as a challenge to existing signature verification policies, when Lake in fact alleged that Maricopa failed to follow these policies during the 2022 general election,” the court’s ruling states.

Lake hailed the news as a victory, saying, “The signature verification process in Maricopa County is a house of cards. Thanks to this ruling, my team will get the chance to topple it.”

The Kari Lake War Room Twitter account imparted, “Signature Verification has been the third rail for Maricopa County for the past few years. They have thrown every obstacle at Arizona election integrity activists to prevent them from reaching it. Unfortunately for them, they messed with the wrong woman.”

Conservatives likewise celebrated the court’s decision as a “big win for election integrity.”

The issue was one of seven other legal challenges brought to the Supreme Court contesting lower court rulings on various ballot, tabulator and polling location anomalies during the 2022 governor’s race, which Lake asserts worked in favor of her Democrat opponent Katie Hobbs.

The Supreme Court said it would deny review of the other six issues as it was their opinion they were “aptly resolved” by lower courts.

Meanwhile, Lake points out instead of helping her get to the bottom of whether election laws were violated, Democrat leftists are more interested in unconstitutionally putting her behind bars.

Time will tell whether Lake’s challenge reforms the election process and restores integrity, or whether it can ultimately lead to the overturning of the state’s election results.

Read the court’s ruling in full:

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