Humiliating: AOC Dances to “AOC Has Got To Go” Hecklers at Town Hall Event in Queens

Democrat New York Congresswoman launched into bizarre dance routine while constituents complained about rising crime.

Image Credits: youtube screenshot.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) oddly danced while being confronted by angry constituents urging her ouster during a town hall meeting.

In one video from the event, a man addressed AOC about rising crime in the city and her “defund the police” efforts, as other members of the audience cheered in agreement.

At one point, the leader of The Squad attempted to quell the unrest and bizarrely addressed the audience with a fake Latin accent.

Detractors held signs reading “Agenda 2030, UN is Dirty, Save Humanity,” “Sandy Stop Lying,” “Wake Up New York, Vote for Tina Forte, F**k AOC,” and “F**k Joe Biden.”

Eventually the meeting devolved into chaos as protesters began chanting “AOC has got to go,” while a person played drums in unison. The congresswoman evidently couldn’t resist the rhythm, and in spite of the chants, began dancing while she sat on stage.

Cortez was mocked online over the bizarre dance routine and her dismissal of her constituents’ concerns.

AOC’s latest humiliating incident comes on the heels of another cringeworthy town hall last week in the Bronx where liberal protesters questioned why she wasn’t opposed to starting a nuclear war with Russia and China.

Watch the full video:

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