Hundreds of African Migrants at US-Mexico Border Demand Entry

African migrants protesting at Laredo border crossing

Image Credits: GUILLERMO ARIAS/AFP/Getty Images.

A large group of African migrants has gathered at the U.S.-Mexico border where they are demanding asylum hearings so they can enter the country.

Hundreds of Africans protested at a Mexican customs office near the Laredo International Bridge, local outlet KGNS reports.

One man told reporters that he and fellow Africans have been in Mexico for a month, and are frustrated that officials are not doing enough to facilitate their entry to the U.S., alleging that priority is being given to Cuban migrants.

“We are worried because at the shelters, the Cubans are paying and us Africans, we can’t,” the man said. “We don’t understand what’s happening.”

“There are so many people, not enough space. If you take your camera, you’ll see – it’s so bad,” he said of the migrant facilities in Mexico.

Customs and Border Patrol issued a statement on the matter, saying, “The number of inadmissible individuals CBP is able to process varies based upon case complexity; available resources; medical needs; translation requirements; holding/detention space; overall port volume; and ongoing enforcement actions.”

“Port of entry facilities were not designed to hold hundreds of people at a time who may be seeking asylum. And we are also charged with keeping the flow of legitimate trade and travel.”

One America News Network (OAN) cites National Border Patrol Council VP Art Del Cueto in confirming that there is indeed a surge of Cuban nationals at the southern border, along with a swell of Chinese and African migrants, although it is unclear how they are traveling to Mexico.

“About 4,500 Cubans are staying in Juarez, Mexico, as they wait for their asylum claims to be heard, but Cubans are just part of the story,” OAN reports.

“Agents in the Rio Grande Valley sector are coming in contact with increasing numbers of Chinese nationals and even migrants from a number of African nations as the word gets out about what some, including President Trump, would call America’s ‘weak immigration laws.’”

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