Hundreds of Illegals in 16 Boats Reach Florida Waters in Two Days

Vessel reaches Key Largo from Haiti with more than 300 migrants onboard

Image Credits: Screenshot / U.S. Border Patrol.

Hundreds of illegal aliens were apprehended after landing in more than a dozen boats on Florida shores last week, according to authorities.

At least 16 vessels bearing nearly 500 migrants hailing mostly from Cuba and Haiti were intercepted during a hectic period in and around South Florida, Border Patrol announced over the weekend.

On Friday, Miami Sector Chief Patrol Agent Walter N. Slosar reported that 108 Cuban illegals had been arrested in 12 separate incidents throughout the Florida Keys.

On Saturday morning, Agent Slosar announced three more busts in the Keys resulting in the apprehensions of 42 Cuban nationals illegally present in the U.S.

Hours later, a large sailboat carrying well over 300 migrants from Haiti made landfall near Key Largo.

“113 migrants from Haiti were taken into Border Patrol custody after making landfall near Key Largo, Florida,” Slosar explained in a video posted on social media. “USCG Southeast [U.S. Coast Guard] & CBPAMORegDirSE [Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine Operations] partners rescued the migrants who remained onboard the vessel.”

“All 113 Haitian migrants were medically screened on scene. Two migrants were taken to a local area hospital for dehydration. The remaining migrants onboard the vessel (approx. 220) were safely transferred to a USCG Southeast cutter.”

While the Biden regime’s calculated demolition of the southwest land border receives the lion’s share of focus from U.S. immigration hawks, America’s southern coasts are also seeing an explosion of migrant traffic, as Infowars often reports.

The latest attacks against Info Wars are only exposing their intention to silence all of alternative media.

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