Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is warning that European Union technocrats are formulating new 'refugee resettlement' regulations that could see member states obligated to accept unlimited amounts of migrants.

Hungarian state media outlet About Hungary, which serves as a direct mouthpiece for the Prime Minister, reports that the most recent proposals in on-going negotiations in Brussels would increase Hungary's 'resettlement quotas' tenfold, and possibly far more.

"PM Orbán said the number of migrants to be taken in by member states under a mandatory resettlement scheme keeps growing," they report. "Under the most recent proposal, Hungary would have to take in 10,000 people a year rather than the 1,000 that was to be allocated to the country originally."

"The prime minister added that it looked like the EU was proposing a resettlement quota scheme without an upper limit. PM Orbán insisted that the debate around mandatory quotas encourages migration, adding that migration poses a threat to Europe’s public safety, welfare and Christian culture."

PM Orbán and fellow officials will present their own proposal, which contrasts sharply with the EU's version. It would obligate all member nations to focus on securing their borders, as well as the external borders of the Schengen Area "line of defense," and that any state which cannot or will not comply, would be effectively ousted from their role, and the Schengen borders redrawn accordingly.

Orbán asserted that true refugees from other continents should be assisted in or around their homelands, instead of "bringing trouble over here."

Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto issued supporting remarks, calling the kind of migration currently destabilizing Europe "bad, dangerous and can be stopped," adding that Hungary "will not accept any kind of political conditions or blackmail in this matter because the flow of EU funds is not a one-way street."

He also called out "so-called civil society organizations" (NGOs) working in collusion with the 'Soros mafia network' to subvert government efforts to prevent another migrant invasion like Hungary experienced in 2015.

"People who criticize the 'Stop Soros' package are questioning the government’s right to make decisions because it is clear that illegal immigration is at odds with Hungary’s interests and the dismantling of border protection goes against the security interests of the Hungarian people," Szijjarto said.

If EU authoritarians continue their attempts to steamroll through negotiations, Szijjarto has declared that his government is prepared to abandon talks altogether, vowing to uphold sovereign immigration policies that put Hungarians' safety and security above the diktats of unelected internationalists.

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