A Hungarian state media outlet has fired back at the New York Times editorial board after they published a piece attempting to shame Budapest for their 'callous' handling of the migrant crisis, decrying the government's focus on national security and border controls.

About Hungary, which operates as a spokesmouth for Prime Minister Viktor Orban, rebuked the limousine liberals at the NYT who virtue signal from the "comforts of Midtown Manhattan," while Europe is being swamped by illegal immigrants from Africa and the Middle East, saying "they continue to show just how much they don’t understand."

"Strong and secure borders are not making the migration crisis worse," writes editor Zoltán Kovács. "On the contrary! It’s weak, undefended borders that are aggravating the crisis by creating a 'pull factor,' encouraging migrants to set out on the dangerous journey."

"It’s the failure to secure the borders that has fueled an industry of human trafficking that prey on migrants, and it’s the failure to secure the external borders that has led to hundreds of thousands of migrants illegally entering the territory of the EU."

"Hungary’s securing of an external border of the 510 million-strong European community to ease the migration pressure on the old continent is a meaningful demonstration of our solidarity, and it’s helping to bring the migration crisis under control," he continues. "If you don’t believe me, ask a citizen of Austria or Germany what they think of the fence we built on Europe’s border."

The Times bemoaned the "the indisputably difficult problem" of waves of migrants taking "huge risks in the hope of reaching Europe," which they assert is fueled by "conflict and poverty" - making no mention of how much of the conflict and destabilization in places like Libya, Syria, Iraq and Egypt can be traced directly to foreign policy implemented by former president, Barack Obama, and his State Department under Hillary Clinton, and later John Kerry.

Infowars has compiled a detailed before and after chart illustrating, country by country, the destabilizing effects of Clinton’s policies as Secretary of State - much of which occurred in Africa and the Middle East.

Kovács dismantled the Times' imposition of their of own definition of "European values" or the notion that Budapest is subject to Brussels' 'refugee resettlement' demands, asserting, "Only Hungary has the right to decide on who gets to live in Hungary."

"Here in the real world, on the front lines of the migration crisis, an overwhelming majority of Hungarian citizens want their own government – not Brussels – to make decisions on immigration," he concludes. "As the government responsible for the safety and security of Hungarian citizens – as well as the citizens of Europe – we will not apologize for continuing to assert our right to make our own decisions on immigration and to keep Europe’s borders strong."

The Times didn't waste an opportunity to take a shot at President Trump and his supporters, saying that he "set a scandalous example by his demagogic policy on immigration," while also throwing pro-Brexit voters under the bus for similar reasons.

Budapest is currently locked in a bitter battle with Brussels over the issue of 'refugee resettlement,' the border wall they've been forced to hastily erect, and other issues related to the migrant crisis.

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