Hungary PM Refuses Lecture From EU Prez

Top globalist says nationalism leads to war

Image Credits: UE Peru / Flickr.

Jean-Claude Juncker told Italy’s public tv channel RAI1 that he doesn’t care about the Hungarian government’s campaign against him, but he is bothered by Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s xenophobia, hostility towards foreigners.

According to the European Commission’s president, such nationalism can lead to war.

Communists in the highest levels of government have been using misinformation about Trump and Russia to further their agenda.

Answering a question by, Orban said that “someone who unveiled a statue of Marx shouldn’t be lecturing anyone about xenophobia, because the master of xenophobia was called Karl Marx”.

Earlier on Monday, Fidesz vice-chair and state secretary for family and youth Katalin Novak spoke about Fidesz’s relations to the EPP. She’s heading the “group of wise people”established by Fidesz. Novak said she will contact the EPP’s “three wise man” and provide them detailed information about various topics. Her job is to prepare a report to Fidesz about whether they should stay with the EPP after the elections.

(Photo by European People’s Party, Flickr)

Also in Magyar Nemzet, well-known pro-Fidesz journalist Zsolt Bayer urged the ruling to leave the EPP as soon as possible and called Manfred Weber a coward, miserable person.

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