Hungary Slams New UN Migration Treaty, Prepares to Exit Negotiations

UN orders West to invite entire Third World

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Hungarian leaders have blasted a new United Nations migration treaty currently in developmental stages that would pry Europe’s borders open even wider, saying it looks like it was “copied from the Soros plan” and threatening to abandon negotiations altogether.

A slew of ranking officials from Hungary have come out against the compact in the last week, arguing that it promotes, rather than discourages, an increase in migration from the Third World to Europe, creating security risks and financial burdens that have already deeply imperiled Europeans.

Hungarian officials have also asserted that the global plan runs parallel to agendas being promoted by the European Union and ‘George Soros mafia network,’ and that UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and his co-conspirators are moving forward with the scheme regardless of opposition.

“The UN’s draft directive on migration is chillingly reminiscent of the European Union’s plans, against which the Hungarian government is also fighting,” said Chief Security Advisor György Bakondi. “The opinions of the UN Secretary General with relation to the planned compact for migration are far from supported internationally. The Hungarian government has also protested against the fact that the UN Secretary General is putting the plan forward as his own standpoint on the global organization’s various forums without the existence of a consensus on the issue.”

Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has warned that his government is prepared to walk away from the negotiating table, vowing to uphold sovereign immigration policies that put Hungarians’ safety and security above the diktats of unelected internationalists.

“The Hungarian government wants migration to be stopped, not promoted,” Szijjarto said. “We regard it as unacceptable that the Secretary General is preempting the results of such a debate and to all intents and purposes announcing the result, while he is otherwise fully aware of the fact that he in no way enjoys the unanimous backing of member states on this issue.”

“The question therefore arises whether there is any point in taking part in these negotiations at all.”

Prime Minister Viktor Orban explained that the treaty calls for countries to relax their immigration laws and penalties for illegal entry, and to transfer migration controls over to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and ‘charities’ – many of which are funded by George Soros.

“Hungary has had bad experiences with NGOs,” Orban said. “The fake civic organizations dealing with migration are eating out of George Soros’ hand.”

“The UN is valuable, but we must not let it establish principles that go against Hungary’s interests.”

FM Szijjarto has corroborated Orban’s assessment, saying that the new UN agreement endeavors to make “migration appear as a fundamental human right, as well as to remove the difference between legal and illegal migration, which is unacceptable.”

“The ability to protect the border is one of the most important aspects of statehood, an important component of sovereignty.”

Secretary of State Zoltán Kovács has said Hungary is prepared to “build [another] fence, boost its police and military forces and shape the legal environment to suit its goals.”

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