Hunter Attorneys Attempted to ‘Infiltrate’ Set of New Biden Movie, Says Director

'My Son Hunter' director Robert Davi says Biden lawyers portrayed themselves as documentary film crew when they attempted to gain access to set in Serbia.

Image Credits: getty images.

Acclaimed Hollywood actor and film director Robert Davi revealed lawyers for Hunter Biden attempted to “infiltrate” the set of his upcoming motion picture “My Son Hunter.”

Talking about the incident during a panel discussion on Truth Social last week, Davi says Biden lawyers portrayed themselves as a documentary film crew when they attempted to gain access to the film set in Serbia.

“We filmed in Serbia because I needed, you know, Ukraine. I needed to have that visuals,” Davi told Breitbart in an interview published Friday.

“A month before I was there, Hunter was in Serbia at Belgrade, a month before we started to film, and also they sent a team of lawyers down that were saying they were doing a documentary, to infiltrate the set and we find out later on that they were sent down … and they’re representing Hunter Biden.”

Davi went on to ask, “What’s he doing in Serbia, when we’re filming in September? What was Hunter doing in Serbia, in Belgrade in September? Very interesting.”

Following up with Mediaite, Davi said he immediately sensed something was off with the people trying to pass themselves off as a film crew.

“I had a funny feeling that they weren’t forthcoming,” he stated, “revealing later he realized the identity of ‘Hunter’s lawyers’ when reports dropped about a $2 million tax bill of Biden’s being paid off,” reports Mediaite.

The Daily Caller reports lawyers for Hunter did not return their request for comment.

Hunter’s unusual travel plans and his lawyers’ plot to penetrate film production suggest America’s First Family is very nervous about the contents of the movie debuting September 7.

A short trailer for the film released earlier this month showed an actor depicting Joe Biden taking a big whiff of a female secret service agent’s hair.

Last week, the film’s full trailer dropped and went viral on social media, featuring reenactments of Hunter’s sordid and self-documented drug-addled sexcapades with innumerable prostitutes, while also illustrating the Biden family’s penchant for using their power and influence for financial gain.

Davi revealed to former Donald Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani last week the film “is told through the eyes of a 25-year-old left-wing activist, who is working as a stripper to pay for her college loan.”

“She meets up with Hunter Biden at a strip joint the night that Joe Biden finds out that the laptop has been discovered and there’s going to be some noise about it,” Davi explained, referring to actress Emma Gojkovic’s character.

“I take us through the journey of his relationship with her and his lifestyle. She doesn’t know who Hunter is at first and then she starts to research, and now we uncover the hidden story and it is as if the laptop explodes onto the screen.”

“She’s learning about the Hunter laptop scandal and a friend educates her and tells her she’s looking in the wrong spots. The mainstream media is not gonna report on this,” Davi told Giuliani. “So it’s an indictment of the media, it’s an indictment of culture, it’s an indictment of politics. Finally, when she has the full story — the Ukraine corruption, the Russian mafia corruption, all the deals with a spy chief from China — she tries to get a reporter to write the story. He refuses, of course. She’s frustrated, lost. Then she gets it a text from a man called Rudy Giuliani, that breaks the whole story.”

Meanwhile, Giuliani has predicted the film will be “censored as much as possible” by the mainstream media so they can continue to protect the Biden Crime family, obfuscate the narrative and prevent the public from knowing the truth behind the scandal.

In recent days, the public has learned via a Joe Rogan interview with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg the FBI asked the social media company to limit the reach of the New York Post’s bombshell exclusive on Hunter Biden’s laptop ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

Upon learning of the FBI’s election meddling, President Trump took to Truth Social to call for a “new election immediately” due to the FBI’s “election interference.”

“So now it comes out, conclusively, that the FBI BURIED THE HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP STORY BEFORE THE ELECTION knowing that, if they didn’t, ‘Trump would have easily won the 2020 Presidential Election,’” Trump wrote Monday.