Hunter Biden Leaks: Alleged Trove of Hacked Data Reveals Abuse, Corruption & Debauchery

"Imagine the things he decided may be a bit too much for film!!! Also imagine the coverage if this was me?" says Donald Trump Jr.

Image Credits: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images.

An offline backup of Hunter Biden’s iPhone has allegedly been hacked and leaked from the image board 4Chan over the weekend, revealing a trove of disturbing content.

Warning: some of this material depicts graphic images.

Reports indicate that 450GB of data still remain hidden on Joe Biden’s son’s iPhone backup log.

Among the trove of allegedly leaked material is a video, which has gone viral, showing Hunter arguing with a hooker about how much crack he has weighed on a scale.

Donald Trump Jr. reacted to the sordid footage Sunday, saying, “Imagine the things he decided may be a bit too much for film!!! Also imagine the coverage if this was me?”

Other obscene clips of Hunter have reportedly been leaked, lending credence to the claim that these leaked from his iPhone/iPad, but Infowars has been unable to independently verify that.

Other materials include photos, screenshots of text messages, contact lists, and search history metadata.

One of the more curious items is a contact list showing a text window of someone named “Pedo Peter,” which some are speculating could be Joe Biden himself, given a New York Post report revealed that the puppet president used the Tom Clancy alias “Peter Henderson” in some past emails recovered from Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell.”

The leak has reportedly made it to torrent websites where large-scale file-sharing is now underway to uncover more data.

One disturbing photo shows a girl tied up with a bag covering her face while Hunter eats a sandwich.

Other screenshots show checks addressed to Hunter Biden, explicit text messages, and more photos of him smoking crack.

One particularly disturbing text exchange appears to show Hunter sending a photo of him having sex with prostitutes to his father Joe Biden.

Notably, texts recovered from his infamous laptop show Hunter sharing porn links with his father in 2018.

This 4Chan leak comes as more revelations continue emerging from Hunter’s “Laptop from Hell,” such as 2019 footage of him smoking crack inside a sensory deprivation tank at a Massachusetts detox treatment center.

The White House has not yet responded to these new leaks or to the material therein.

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