“Hush Your Mouth”: School Board SILENCES Dad Calling Out Pornographic Book Available at School Library

Concerned father worried about pornographic materials condescendingly treated like petulant child by board member.

Image Credits: YouTube / Clay County District Schools.

A Florida school board muzzled a concerned father who was attempting to call out pornographic library material during a meeting, with a school board member telling him to “hush [his] mouth.”

“Tonight I’m going to give a sampling from the three books that are in our library,” the dad identified as Bruce Friedman announced, “and then you can discuss the process by which these books get on the shelves…cause there’s a Clay County employee that got paid to put this book, ‘Lucky’ by Alice Sebold.”

“I’m gonna read things — if there’s children watching, cover their ears,” the dad cautioned, as he proceeded to read.

As soon as Friedman started reading, his mic was abruptly turned off and a school board member told him, “I’m going to stop you right there, sir. I’m going to stop you right there.”

“Turn off his microphone,” the board member directed, as the dad asked, “Why?”

“I’ve told you I’m stopping you,” the board member told him.

“The reason I’m stopping you is because these meetings …” the board member said, as the dad interrupted him.

“If you’ll hush your mouth for a minute and listen instead of just talking you’ll learn something,” the man who was somewhere off-camera told Friedman.

“The problem is, sir, that these meetings are broadcast. There are people with whom are watching it on YouTube. There are people that are watching it on community television,” he said, as Friedman again tried to speak up.

“Are you gonna listen, or are you gonna run your mouth,” the school board member again scolded Friedman.

The dad was then told he’d have his mic turned back on if he chose to “talk about something besides reading pornography into a public television set.”

The board member proceeded to claim the dad could potentially violate state or federal laws by reading the material.

The passage Friedman was attempting to highlight reads more like a Playboy, or Penthouse letter than suitable material for any grade school student.

Here’s the vulgar, extremely graphic excerpt from “Lucky” the father was censored from exposing:

“He began to knead his fist against the opening of my vagina. Inserted his fingers into it, three or four at a time. Something tore. I began to bleed there. I was wet now.

“It made him excited. He was intrigued. As he worked his whole fist up into my vagina and pumped it…”

Speaking to News4JAX after the incident went viral, Friedman who’s part of a group titled, “No Left Turn in Education,” said the seedy material was part of the left’s agenda to sexualize children.

“They are trying to sexualize and normalize deviant behavior,” Friedman said. “Sexualizing our children is grooming. It is not acceptable. It is illegal. Lawyer wasn’t concerned about that. He was concerned if I read some bad words.”

Clay County school board member Janice Kerekes said the district has a process in place to report unseemly library books, and accused Friedman of spreading “misinformation.”

“We have a process in place that when something is brought to our attention if it’s a book in the media center it will immediately be removed and reviewed,” Kerekes told News4Jax. “And on the review committee, there is six different people on the committee. We just set a policy last meeting to address that.”

Here’s the full school board meeting, with the pertinent part happening around 30:38.

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