Hypocrite Pelosi Caught Violating Mask Mandate AGAIN

Was she "tricked" into hanging in a bar?

Image Credits: Screenshot.

Nancy Pelosi, who threatened to ban lawmakers from the House for not wearing masks, has once again been caught violating the rules she clamours for others to follow.

The Daily Caller notes that Pelosi was spotted with Rep. Yvette Clark (D-NY), both maskless at a bar in a DC district, where there is an active mask mandate.

The DC mandate currently still in effect states that masks must be worn inside “any business or establishment open to members of the public (including but not limited to: grocery stores, restaurants and bars (when not eating or drinking), places of worship, gyms, office buildings, libraries, indoor entertainment venues, and common areas of apartment or condominium complexes).”

Was Pelosi “tricked” into hanging out in the bar, just like she claimed she was last year at a hair Salon in San Francisco?

Clearly not, it’s just that authoritarians like to enforce rules they don’t follow onto everyone else.


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