‘I Feel Violated’: Mother Sues D.C. Doctor Who Gave Children COVID Jab Without Consent

"You all just took all my rights away from me to do what you wanted to do to my kids," says NaTonya McNeil.

Image Credits: Xesai via Getty Images.

A mother is suing a D.C.-based doctor for giving her two children the experimental COVID shot without her consent.

NaTonya McNeil’s attorney filed a lawsuit last week at the Superior Court for the District of Columbia against Dr. Janine A. Rethy seeking damages for false imprisonment, battery and fraud.

According to the complaint, McNeil took her two older children, ages 15 and 17, to a mobile clinic operated by Georgetown University on Sept. 2, 2022, to complete a required annual physical exam for the 2022-2023 school year.

From Children’s Health Defense:

The lawsuit alleges Rethy, director of the mobile clinic, held the children in the examination room longer than necessary for a regular check-up and vaccinated them against COVID-19 over their objections and without consulting their mother.

In order to attempt to obtain the children’s consent — which they are not legally able to provide without a parent or guardian — the doctor falsely informed the children the COVID-19 vaccine was mandatory for school attendance and told them they could not lawfully decline it if they wanted to attend school.

The children told their mother that Rethy pressured them into taking the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, claiming it was legally required to attend school.

“When she had the needle in her hand and she was coming towards me, I backed up and I asked her what is that needle, and she said it was the COVID shot and I…told her I didn’t want it and she said, ‘Well it is mandatory, you have to get it in order to go to school,’” the daughter said.

As for her son, Rethy allegedly administered the jab to him without even asking for his permission.

“He’s 14 and he said they didn’t even ask him if he wanted it or not, but when they gave it to him, he said he thought he had to get it because his sister got it,” McNeil said.

The complaint says the children are angry that they were coerced into taking a vaccine they didn’t want.

And McNeil said that she felt “violated” after learning “they put this poison” into her children against their will and without her final approval.

“I just feel like people shouldn’t be able to do whatever they want to do to other people and especially not to children. As a mother, I feel like, ‘You all just took all my rights away from me to do what you wanted to do to my kids,’” she told The Defender.

“I would have never consented to you all vaccinating my children. I’m not vaccinated and I’m not getting vaccinated and my kids were never supposed to be vaccinated for COVID period, under no circumstances.”

Children’s Health Defense is financing the lawsuit because the “CHD couldn’t just sit still and not allow this wrong to go unpunished and not bring this to the public’s attention,” said CHD President and General Counsel Mary Holland.

CHD explained that although a law passed in 2021 in D.C. makes it legal for children 11 years and older to consent to any vaccine – including the experimental COVID shot – a judge ordered a preliminary injunction last March prohibiting the D.C. mayor, Department of Health and public schools from enforcing the law after CHD filed a lawsuit alleging the law was unconstitutional.

Therefore, McNeil’s children could not legally provide consent at the time they received the COVID shot.

“To do that to my little children, my innocent children. They took her rights,” McNeil said. “When she backed away from you [the doctor] and said she didn’t want it, that should have been the end of it.”

“Or you [the doctor] should have called me on the phone to find out what I feel about the situation. But you [the doctor] basically told my child a lie so you [she] could do what you [she] wanted to do to my kid.”

“I do want justice to be done in this case. I feel like something needs to be done. This can’t just continue to happen,” McNeil added.

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