‘I Keep Forgetting I’m President’: Confused Biden Makes Joke About Having Dementia

78-year-old forgets to give 'at ease' command to troops still standing at attention.

Image Credits: twitter screenshot.

Joe Biden on Wednesday admitted he sometimes forgets he’s president.

Biden made the admission during a speech to US troops stationed at Royal Air Force Midenhall in the UK, where he forgot to give the “at ease” drill command.

“Thank you, and Sydney, you’re fourteen years old,” Biden said.

“When I was fourteen, if you – please at ease,” the 78-year-old tells troops who were still standing at attention.

“I keep forgetting I’m President,” Biden awkwardly joked, prompting nervous laughter from the crowd.

The remark no doubt fuels speculation surrounding Biden’s declining mental fitness and cognitive health, a condition many see as warning signs of dementia.

Biden next went on to describe how a speech impediment hindered his ability to speak as a child.

“When I was fourteen years old, I would have been, I mean this sincerely, scared to death to stand up in front of a microphone with a large crowd or a small one,” Biden said. “See when I was a child I used to stutter badly, for real. I had great difficulty speaking in front of other people.”

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