‘I Like This Game’: Katie Hobbs’ Attack on Kari Lake Backfires Bigly

Lake beats Hobbs at her own game on Twitter with an epic troll

Image Credits: Mario Tama/Getty Images.

Arizona’s Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake beat her Democrat opponent Katie Hobbs at her own game Monday with an epic Twitter troll.

Hobbs had put out a simple collage of several mainstream media headlines denouncing Lake as an “election denier,” claiming she’s “undermining free and fair elections.”

“This is what Arizonans are reading today: Kari Lake is undermining our free and fair elections and is a serious danger to our democratic freedoms,” Hobbs tweeted.

Several hours later, Lake clapped back with her own collage of headlines about Hobbs, adding, “Ooh I like this game.”

The graphic shows a multitude of mainstream and alternative media headlines highlighting Hobbs’ refusal to debate, her radical stance on abortion, her woke past, and her “stumbling” campaign.

Despite tweeting hours later, Lake’s response has garnered hundreds more ‘likes’ than Hobbs’ original attack as of this writing.

This exchange is precisely why Hobbs refuses to engage in a political debate with Lake on live television.

Instead, Lake and Hobbs have been showing up back-to-back on several news shows to explain their policy platforms and fling mud at each other.

The last instance happened on Sunday, where Hobbs was lobbed softball questions by CNN while Lake was grilled and excoriated for claiming the 2020 election was rigged.

“We have the right — it’s protected with our First Amendment — to question our government and to question elections,” Lake stated. “We still have the First Amendment, and when you start seeing the media cancel people for questioning their government, then that’s when we have a problem.”