I Will Not Be Silenced! The Great Reset Is Now An Audiobook!

I am your warrior at the tip of the spear

Image Credits: Jorg Greuel / Getty.

In the wake of the billion-dollar judgment against me by the dark forces, you might be wondering how I’m feeling. The truth is I’m resolute and happy to be a focal point of liberty and freedom in this world. I am at the next level, and all of you are with me.

If it hadn’t been clear to people before, it should be clear now, these demons want to destroy your free speech. O.J. Simpson was fined $33.5 million dollars for stabbing to death his ex-wife, Nicole Brown-Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman. What did I do? I had people on the air to talk about their concerns regarding Sandy Hook, and I had an OPINION about whether it happened.

But my own investigation proved to my satisfaction it happened, although as we have seen in many of these mass shooting cases, there were appalling lapses of accountability, questions about the overuse of prescription medications, and the response of public officials.

When they attack me, I fight back. I may be exhausted, but every time I’ve felt I couldn’t go on, I’ve had the intervention of angels to give me strength. I do not lament my fate. God wants me to be in a fight and in the arena. I am your warrior at the tip of the spear.

The angels of Skyhorse Publishing have just ridden in on their white horses to let me know that the audio version of THE GREAT RESET is now available, narrated by the legendary Lloyd Floyd. I know many of you are constantly on the road, commuting two to three hours a day, and may not have time to read a physical book. This effort has been for you. Have I mentioned that Lloyd Floyd has one of the greatest voices I’ve ever heard? It is masculine, knowing, sarcastic, and easy on the ears.

Clocking in at just a little over seven hours, THE GREAT RESET is a wonderful way for you to understand the globalists of the World Economic Forum in their own words. 

The fight is NOW, and I encourage you to join this battle for freedom!