Idaho College Board Fires President Who Imposed Campus Mask Mandate

"Right-wing" trustees send mask fanatic packing

Image Credits: Antony-22 / Wikimedia Commons.

The president of a college in Idaho has been fired shortly after imposing a double-mask mandate on campus, according to reports.

Rick MacLennan was ejected from his position as president of North Idaho College by the school’s Board of Trustees during a “chaotic” meeting on Wednesday.

Led by Board Chair Todd Banducci, the trustees voted 3-2 to terminate MacLennan and appoint Vice President Lita Burns as interim president until a suitable replacement is found.

In August, MacLennan imposed a rule requiring staff, students, and visitors wear two face coverings at virtually all times inside campus buildings.

The trustees quickly rescinded the mandate, inflaming preexisting tensions between MacLennan and some board members.

Police reportedly removed at least one woman from the meeting after she screamed at Chair Banducci.

The dominant wing of the Board of Trustees — Banducci, Greg McKenzie, and Michael Barnes — has been attacked by local media for being politically “right wing,” an anomaly in American higher education.

“This is a huge victory in the culture war here in North Idaho,” Dave Reilly, a local radio host and school board candidate, told Infowars. “Last year we elected Todd Banducci, Greg McKenzie and Michael Barnes to the board of trustees of North Idaho College because it needed to be reigned in.”

“Here we are less than a year later, and they’re actually getting the job done.”

“It’s not like D.C. politics where people promise you the moon and then fail to deliver. The Republicans in Kootenai County under the leadership of Brent Regan means business,” he asserted.

MacLennan reportedly served for five years as president at the school and is expected to collect 12 months of salary and benefits after the firing, per his contract.