‘If He’d Take It, Yes’: Biden Considers Obama For Supreme Court Nomination

Former VP thinks most unconstitutional president in generation should determine what's constitutional

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons / Daniel Schwen.

Joe Biden’s campaign trip through eastern Iowa on Saturday was met with a rather unusual conversation with reporters.

The Wall Street Journal’s Ken Thomas said that reporters asked Biden in Washington, Iowa, if he would ever consider nominating former President Barack Obama to the Supreme Court if he was elected president in 2020.

Biden responded by saying: “If he’d take it, yes.”

The New York Times’ Thomas Kaplan confirmed Biden’s comment shortly after Thomas tweeted the headlines in the late afternoon.

The Daily Caller noted that on “National Best Friends Day” over the summer, Biden tweeted a picture of a friendship bracelet that read “Joe and Barack.”

And with the 2020 elections quickly approaching during one of the most polarized moments in recent American politics, if for whatever so reason that President Trump is impeached, and Biden becomes president, the installment of Obama on the Supreme Court would undoubtedly lead to angry with many Americans.

Obama says the world would be a better place if old men got out of the way (you mean Biden). Finland just elected a SQUAD of millennial marxist women to rule & they’re already in “millennial” tribulation.

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