Ignore The Eugenics Plan At Your Own Peril

A dive into the global elite's EndGame

For those of you that have ingested this information through countless interviews and analysis at Infowars, this report serves as a refresher.

For those of you new to the swallowing of the red pill, take a few moments to absorb the undeniable truth awaiting humanity.

There has long been a eugenics movement that predates everything we call modern society.

By reading the documents, letters, speeches and declassified material of these eugenicists, modern society reveals itself as the result of their elitist plans.

There has been an unyielding effort to minimize humanity through science, warfare and cultural dilution and ultimately replace it with an AI technocracy.

It has all been written down and discussed by the global elites for anyone to experience.

If only we choose to see the future so that we may alter it in the name of humanity.

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