Illegal Aliens Seriously Injured in Multiple Train Accidents

Border agents rescue illegals struck by trains in Texas

Image Credits: Customs and Border Protection.

Border agents in Texas rescued multiple illegal aliens who were badly injured in accidents involving trains last week, according to reports.

Two separate incidents unfolded in south Texas on June 9th and 10th requiring emergency medical interventions on behalf of migrants illegally present in the U.S.

A group of three illegals was detected as they attempted to climb aboard a train near Port Laredo on Thursday morning.

While agents were apprehending the trio, a fourth illegal was observed trying to jump on a moving train nearby.

“Before agents could reach her, she lost her grip and fell under the train. The train caused severe injuries to her foot,” Customs and Border Protection (CBP) explained in a statement. “Border Patrol Agent Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) arrived to provide medical attention.”

“Laredo Fire Department Emergency Medical Services transported the female to a local hospital for further medical attention.”

The day before, a male illegal alien was hit by a train and seriously injured in Del Rio Sector.

“RESCUED! Yesterday, a Del Rio-based EC120 crew responded to locate a migrant struck by a train in Texas,” CBP Air and Marine Operations stated on social media. “He, & another man, had fallen asleep by the trestle.”

“The pilot landed, evaluated the man, & stayed with him until USBP EMT & agents arrived to deliver him to an ambulance.”

Illegal aliens frequently hop trains in order to travel deeper into the U.S., often riding inside agricultural cars such as grain hoppers.

“In what is disturbingly becoming a recurring scene, Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents continue to rescue undocumented individuals as they try to dangerously continue their journey into the United States by using grain hopper rail cars as a mode of transportation,” CBP warned in a statement last week after 25 illegals were found at the bottom of a grain hopper with no means of escape.

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