Illegal Suspected of Opening Fire On Police Choppers at Scene of Fatal Crash

Honduran teen admitted to shooting gun at rescue helicopters while drunk, officials say

Image Credits: Houston Police.

An illegal alien has been arrested after allegedly opening fire on multiple Houston Police Department (HPD) helicopters at the scene of deadly chopper crash which claimed the life of Tactical Flight Officer Jason Knox.

Josue Daniel Claros-Trajedo, 19, a Honduran national illegally present in the U.S., admitted to discharging a firearm at HPD helicopters on May 2, corroborating surveillance footage from the area, authorities say.

Claros-Trajedo is now facing a slew of charges including two counts of aggravated assault on a public servant, tampering with evidence, discharging a firearm in a metro area, and unlawfully carrying a weapon, KHOU reports.

An HPD chopper had responded to a call about ‘floating bodies’ in Greens Bayou and was hovering near the site when it began spinning out of control and crashed, video recordings show.

Claros-Trajedo discharged a weapon “close in time and proximity to when an HPD helicopter crashed into an apartment building,” said HPD Chief Art Acevedo.

While authorities say they don’t think Claros-Trajedo’s shooting downed the chopper, an official reason has yet to be determined.

Shortly after the wreck, additional helicopters arrived at the scene to render emergency aid.

“Investigators believe Claros-Trajedo fired at least five shots from two different locations at the HPD and DPS helicopters that were hovering above the crash site, as first responders frantically worked below to rescue the officers,” ABC13 reports.

Claros-Trajedo admitted to firing a gun while drunk then hiding weapons in a vent before police arrived, according to court records reviewed by local media.

Pilot and Senior Officer Chase Cormier, 35, is credited with steering the crashing helicopter away from residential buildings, likely sparing many innocent lives.

Cormier suffered critical injuries, including a broken back, but is expected to recover.

Officer Knox, 35, did not survive and left behind a wife and two children.


Claros-Trajedo was determined to pose a flight risk and ordered held on $100,000 bond.

No bodies were found floating in Greens Bayou.

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