Illegals From Across Globe Pouring Into Arizona Amid Historic Surge

Over 1,000 illegals from 21 countries caught in single day

Image Credits: Nick Ut/Getty Images.

The number of migrants illegally entering Arizona has exploded while many eyes were focused on recent events in Del Rio, Texas.

Shockingly high levels of apprehensions have reportedly skyrocketed in recent weeks, with daily encounters climbing from 600 or 700 to over a thousand.

Illegals caught in Yuma Sector are coming from a growing list of countries, including Brazil, Haiti, Cuba, and Venezuela.

“Yuma Sector agents encountered more than 1,000 migrants who illegally crossed the border into the U.S. from Mex on Thursday, a new fiscal year record for daily apprehensions. The total includes migrants from 21 different countries,” Chris T. Clem, Yuma Sector’s Chief Border Patrol Agent, revealed last Thursday.

During the previous weekend, nearly 2,500 illegals were captured, including multiple large groups.

Many are simply running through gaps left in border wall construction that was halted by the Biden administration.

“It’s getting a lot worse,” Yuma County Sheriff Leon Wilmot told the Washington Times. “I’ve never seen it this bad with Border Patrol having to hold so many, and dealing with the issues we’re dealing with now because the administration won’t enforce the law.”

Wilmot revealed only about 10,000 out of some 110,000 illegal aliens who have entered Yuma Sector this fiscal year have been expelled from the U.S.

“The thing that aggravates the sheriffs as a whole is the administration doesn’t have a plan. They said they have one, but they’re not willing to share it. And it hasn’t worked if they did have one,” Wilmot said.

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