Illegals Receiving COVID Vaccines As Citizens Complain About Lack Of Access

Experimental gene therapy being given to the undocumented before US residents

Image Credits: picture alliance / Contributor / Getty.

As millions of Americans complain they are having trouble getting their experimental COVID-19 “vaccines,” illegal aliens are guilt-tripping businesses into giving them shots.

Eligible Texans are struggling to find vaccination locations while thousands of Mayo Clinic employees are wondering when they’ll get their doses.

Many grocery store employees around the country are complaining about the wait for the jabs while people with serious chronic conditions are frustrated about the lack of access.

As the individuals who want to sign-up as guinea pigs for the pilot “vaccine” program wait for their turn, illegal immigrants are cutting the line.

Retail pharmacy chain Rite Aid issued an apology Monday after a pair of aliens were “mistakenly” denied COVID-19 vaccines for failing to show their Social Security cards.

The company responded to the isolated incidents by saying employees will receive added vaccine training to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

“In a case where a customer does not have identification, we advise our associates not to turn the customer away,” Rite Aid said.

A spokesperson for the pharmacy chain told ABC News on Sunday both women who were denied the vaccine have been invited back to take the jab.

One of the women’s son posted a post-vaccine picture, saying, “We’re still gonna advocate to make sure that no undocumented individuals are denied a covid vaccine because of their immigration status.”

A young man in the photo is seen wearing an “Abolish ICE” t-shirt.

The state of California allows people without identification to receive the sought-after shots, with some vaccination sites asking for proof of identity or eligibility.

Officials simply “recommend” people bring a driver’s license or other state-issued ID that shows name, age and state residency if they have one.

The Biden administration also wants to provide shots to illegal aliens, with the Department of Homeland Security recently issuing a statement that the agency and its “federal government partners fully support equal access to the COVID-19 vaccines and vaccine distribution sites for undocumented immigrants.”

“It is a moral and public health imperative to ensure that all individuals residing in the United States have access to the vaccine. DHS encourages all individuals, regardless of immigration status, to receive the COVID-19 vaccine once eligible under local distribution guidelines,” the DHS statement reads.

Even the red state of Texas has guidelines in place allowing illegal immigrants access to the scarce experimental vaccinations.

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley issued an apology last month for denying some people the inoculation after they failed to provide identification.

This comes as the southern border, especially in Texas, is being flooded by hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants carrying COVID.

According to the CBP, Illegal immigrants are testing positive for COVID at a rate double the national average.

However, Texas Governor Greg Abbott claims the number is likely higher and that the Biden administration could be withholding data about how many illegals caught at the border have tested positive for COVID-19.

To sum things up, opening up the borders is causing COVID numbers to spike which makes more people want the vaccine they can’t get thanks to the same illegal aliens cutting in line.

The world heard the call of President Biden that the borders would be open for them, and they heeded the call, all coming through Mexico.