I’m a Christian and I’m suing my state because it refused to let me adopt children

State officials rejected my application, excluding me from adoption because I refused to abandon my religious beliefs

Image Credits: boonchai wedmakawand / Getty.

“Those are my children.”

The message was simple, and there was no mistaking it was from God.

I had been listening to a radio broadcast while driving my kids to school one morning and heard the story of a man who adopted a child from foster care. I had to stop for a minute; I knew God was speaking to me – revealing His heart for children who don’t have parents to love them.

I couldn’t shake what I heard. Even though I’m raising five children of my own, I knew my family could help children find a forever home. Our family has been through a lot, and together, we’re now on the other side of unimaginable loss.

My husband was killed in a car collision six years ago. After walking through that grief with my children, we decided we wanted to open our home to kids in need and give back a little of the support and love we received in the wake of tragedy. We decided to adopt a sibling pair to ensure they could stay together and have someone else in the family who could fully understand and relate to them. And after considering international adoption, we decided to look no further than our own backyard here in southeastern Oregon, where kids are waiting to be wanted and loved.

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