‘I’m Scared of What’s Coming,’ Warns Border Official as Thousands of Illegals Captured Daily

'Multiple caravans' arriving daily at start of Biden surge, Mark Morgan says

Image Credits: John Moore/Getty Images.

Over 3,000 illegal aliens are being apprehended daily along the southern border, according to former Customs and Border Protection chief Mark Morgan, who says he is very concerned about chaos the Biden administration is inviting to the U.S.

In multiple interviews this week, Morgan raised alarms that the immigration situation is quickly reaching “catastrophic crisis” levels.

“I was talking to a Border Patrol leader, a guy that has been doing this for several decades, you know, kind of a tough guy. And he looked at me and said, ‘Commissioner, I got to tell you. I’m scared at what’s coming,’” Morgan told the Washington Examiner.

Morgan says between 3,000 and 3,500 migrants are being caught making illegal crossings into the U.S. every day, along with at least 300 unaccompanied minors.

“That’s like multiple large caravans every single day,” he said.

During an appearance on Lou Dobbs Tonight, Morgan asserted the Biden administration’s “open border policies” have already sparked mayhem on the southern frontier.

“It’s not ‘when’ the crisis is going to happen… the crisis is already upon us,” Morgan said. “This is a direct result of this president’s policies with immigration.”

“They’re stripping away all the effective policies the Trump administration put into effect that absolutely worked.”

Morgan warned that as soon as COVID-related border emergency orders expire, the U.S. will experience a “catastrophic crisis” at the border during which 3,500 daily migrants will be a low-end number.

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