Incredible Footage: Busload Of Pregnant Illegal Immigrants Arrive In Texas in Dark Of Night

Cameras rolling as illegal immigrant pipeline in full swing.

Image Credits: infowars.

Infowars cameras were rolling in South Texas as dozens of pregnant illegal alien women arrived by the busload at a makeshift Covid-19 testing facility.

Camera crews captured dozens of pregnant illegals being processed in downtown McAllen, Texas, around 9PM on Monday.

“When are they getting pregnant? Are they getting pregnant on their long journey up here?” questioned Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer. “Are they being separated because they’re pregnant?”

Footage showed the pregnant women, some with small children in tow, being escorted out of a Border Patrol van to the Covid test facility under the watchful eye of McAllen PD.

After being tested, the women were then walked to the Catholic Charities building, made famous after Alex Jones stopped an illegal smuggling operation there last week.

As cameras were filming, Shroyer says facility operators phoned police to help keep the media at bay.

“They’re running three dozen pregnant women and a bunch of other mothers and children up to the catholic facilities right now as we speak. They tried to call the police to get media off the property and the police know that what they’re doing is stop our First Amendment right from happening.”

The shroud of secrecy conducting these operations under cover of night underscores how the Biden administration is attempting to keep the border crisis out of the public eye.

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