INFIGHT: Bill Maher Shuts Down Michael Moore Pushing Far-Left Policies For 2020

'The country isn't there,' he says.

Image Credits: screenshot/YouTube.

Liberal HBO host Bill Maher sparred with filmmaker Michael Moore on Friday over the far-left direction the Democrats are taking their policy platform ahead of the 2020 election.

During Maher’s show “Real Time,” Moore argued in favor of far-left policies like Medicare For All and the Green New Deal, while Maher cautioned that those radical positions risk alienating Middle America.

“You were ahead of the curve for so many years,” Moore said on the show. “Why pull back now, Bill?”

“Because the country isn’t there,” Maher replied.

Maher then mocked Moore’s enthusiasm for the radical socialist freshmen congresswomen known as “The Squad,” saying that he was the only other person besides Trump who wants to make them the face of the Democrat Party.

“People love them,” Moore said. “People of color love them, women love them!”

Maher pushed back: “They’re not beloved, these people, because they don’t believe in things a lot of people believe in.”

The infighting comes after Democrats had their third debate on Thursday arguing over far-left issues like climate change, gun control, Medicare For All, and which one among them was the most “woke.”

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