Infowars Exclusive Video! Border Patrol Being Used As Illegal Immigrant Uber Service

Warnings of human trafficking extortion fears verbalized from respite center worker.

In this exclusive video, border patrol vans are seen pulling up to a Catholic respite center near McAllen, Texas, where a worker then warns that shooting video endangers the illegal aliens in the vans because they could be recognized and extorted by human traffickers or anybody they “borrowed money from.”

Eyewitness report from our source on the ground:

Here at the one of the centers of the Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley, four border force minibuses arrived in convoy to drop their illegal migrant load.

They dropped close to 75 illegal migrants – mostly families, women and children – at center, greeted by staff and other Hispanic families waiting at the center.

Their arrival was expected and they were met and greeted by a staff member who said filming them would bring encourage traffickers here seeking revenge or money.

The staff member clearly states that these are trafficked peoples. And if the traffickers know they are here they will come to extort money from them.

There are big questions to be asked:

Why are the Border Force acting as an Uber service for illegals?

Why is the Catholic Church working against the rights of Americans and the law?

And why are all of the above effectively complicit in moving trafficked peoples into our country.

How do taxpayers of McAllen, Brownsville and the Rio Grande feel about this?

Why close the border, if the Border Force are providing a car service anyway?

Infowars reporter Jakari Jackson interviews Kevin Pagan, Emergency Management Coordinator in McAllen over the border patrol bussing detainees all over the country.