Infowars Films: Watch All 4 Police State Documentaries Warning of the New World Order Takeover

Learn about the elites' decades-old plan for global enslavement using the US government and the UN as their primary instruments for control in this comprehensive collection of groundbreaking documentaries by Alex Jones.

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Banned on YouTube, now for the first time you can watch all 4 of Infowars’ POLICE STATE documentaries laying out in painstaking detail the globalist plan to use war, economics, the media, and public health emergencies to implement the New World Order system.

In Police State 2000, Alex Jones explains how the military and law enforcement are being conditioned to enforce New World Order policies on civilians:

In Police State II: The Takeover, Alex Jones breaks down the Hegelian Dialectic, also known as Problem-Reaction-Solution tactics, used to usher in the Department of Homeland Security, the Patriot Act, and the total information awareness spy grid:

In Police State III: Total Enslavement, Alex Jones lays out the psychopathy of the globalist mindset, and explains what motivates the technocratic elite to bring out total global enslavement:

In Police State 4: The Rise Of FEMA, Alex Jones explains the expansion of FEMA camps, the incoming cashless society, mainstream media brainwashing, staged terror attacks, and the Continuity of Government plan that will come upon the declaration of martial law following a global public emergency:

Also be sure to catch Alex Jones’ seminal work exposing the globalists’ depopulation agenda, Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement.