Infowars Free Speech Poster Challenge Results

Top Infowarriors revealed

Image Credits: YouTube Screenshot.

The long wait is over! A winner has been decided for our Free Speech Poster Challenge! would like to thank all participants for their work spreading the pro-humanity & pro-liberty message that binds us.

The runner-ups are as follows:

‘Infowars Poster Contest: Liberals Tear Down Posters’ by Tony Salvo

‘Infowars Poster Contest Al Gore Lied’ by Thomas Sisca from Austin, Texas

‘Forbidden Information Messenger’ by CF Alex from Utah

Now, without further ado, here are our top picks:

Third place goes to ‘Attention, Konservative Komrades’ by Erwin’s Real News:

Second place goes to ‘Stop The Censorship’ by Zack Mount:

First place is ‘Alex Jones Did Nothing Wrong and He is Pissed!’ by MAGA Titan:

Remember, the winnings breakdown is $5000 for the top pick, $1000 for Second Place and $500 for Third Place.

Thank you for making this contest fun and memorable.

The Six Finalists For The Infowars Free Speech Poster Challenge

Watch this special break down of the six finalists competing for cash prizes in the Infowars Free Speech Poster Challenge.