Infowars Poll: Voters Believe GOP Leadership Will ‘Betray’ Them After Retaking Congress in Midterms

Majority of Republican base believes GOP leaders nothing but RINOs willing to sell them down the river regardless of whether they're in power or not.

Image Credits: Mark Wilson/Getty Images.

The majority of conservatives believe the Republican Party leadership will stab them in the back after the midterms, an Infowars poll reveals.

When asked what they expect from the GOP leadership should they retake the majority in the House and Senate, 55% of respondents said Republican leadership will “betray voters” and “side with Democrats on big issues.”

The poll, which has accumulated over 30,000 votes as of Sunday, also found that 21% percent of respondents believe the GOP leadership will bring “only partial results” of their agenda to stop Joe Biden and the radical left agenda.

15% say that the GOP leadership “won’t deliver” its promises outright.

A measly 9% believe the GOP leadership will actually “deliver for the American people.”

In sum, 91% of respondents don’t have faith in the GOP leadership.

This comes after the GOP unveiled its “Commitment to America” platform, which details several common-sense campaign promises should the party retake the majorities in Congress.

But Tucker Carlson claimed the plan doesn’t address “anything real,” like the Democrats’ war against the family, the weaponization of government agencies against conservatives, or the collapsed southern border.

The Republican leadership routinely sides with Democrats on handing billions of taxpayer dollars to Ukraine amid soaring inflation.

They helped Joe Biden pass his inflation-causing $1.2 trillion “infrastructure” spending bill last year.

And they joined with Democrats in passing gun control legislation earlier this year that includes incentives for state to impose red flag gun laws.

Though the poll was not scientifically conducted, it still highlights the massive mistrust the Republican base has with its leadership with the midterms only weeks away.