Internet Rallies Behind Alex Jones Return To Twitter After Elon Musk Declares ‘No Mercy’

Alex Jones responds to Musk's attack with powerful analysis of the ruling class's larger war on free speech: "Elon Musk has really stepped in it and the internet's waking up big time."

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Twitter users from all walks of life are rallying behind Alex Jones after CEO Elon Musk declared “no mercy” for the Infowars founder over Sandy Hook.

After being asked by author Sam Harris if Alex Jones can return to Twitter, Musk shot down the proposal with a quote from Jesus Christ, citing the Sandy Hook case.

Alex Jones Responds To Elon Musk’s Declaration Of War / Apparent Threat

“Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven,” Musk responded Sunday.

Internet entrepreneur Kim DotCom challenged Musk’s biblical explanation, noting that free speech should apply to everybody, not just those who Musk agrees with.

“Alex fucked up with Sandy Hook. He admitted that and apologized. He also got a lot of ‘conspiracy theories’ right. If serial liars like Biden and Trump are allowed on Twitter then Alex Jones should be allowed too. Please reconsider in the interest of real free speech.”

Musk responded by suggesting Jones’ controversial comments on Sandy Hook were unforgivable, despite Jones apologizing multiple times.

“My firstborn child died in my arms. I felt his last heartbeat,” he tweeted, adding, “I have no mercy for anyone who would use the deaths of children for gain, politics or fame.”

At this point, Twitter users far and wide came to the defense of Alex Jones and called out Musk’s flawed logic and hypocritical stance on free speech.

Kim Dotcom then launched a poll asking users if Jones should be reinstated on Twitter, with 53.4% of the 75,000+ answering “Yes” as of this writing.

Alex Jones addressed Musk’s attacks on The Alex Jones Show Monday, claiming the new Twitter CEO is trying to get the rabid left off his back, but went too far by invoking Jesus Christ in justifying not allowing him back on the platform.

“[Musk] hit the panic button and attacked me so that he can get the left off his back. It’s fine to me that he did that, except he went too far comparing himself to Jesus,” Jones said.

Jones pointed out that the media has twisted the narrative so that only he is evil for simply questioning a mass shooting event.

“That’s what makes it outrageous for him to just go with the official line with Democrat Party-controlled judges that defaulted me and said I did all these things that I never did, and then I supposedly owe a $1.4 billion ruling of the judge and kangaroo jury, and then he’s just taking that at face value and saying I’m the worst person ever,” Jones said.

“He doesn’t know that they took out of context what I said ten years ago, doesn’t know I apologized before they ever sued me five years ago, but doesn’t accept the fact that they I owe $1.4 billion and that’s not enough?”

Jones also broke down the mind control behind the demonization of him and anyone who questions official narratives, like Communist China’s death camps, the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, or the experimental Covid shots:

“When you talk about slave camps and death camps, having their organs harvested and worked to death at Apple/Foxconn laboratories, that’s okay because Tim Cook’s gay and he wears a turtleneck and talks effeminately, but when Alex Jones questions a mass shooting while the rest of the internet does, then it’s the ultimate crime in history. And now all populists need their free speech taken and need to be punished.”

“It came out months ago, even years ago, how Homeland Security has been secretly meeting with Big Tech and big banks and big corporations with a group of leftist think tanks and watchdog groups who surveil what we say on the internet, and who decide who can speak and who can’t.”

“And one of things you get censored for is questioning the Afghan withdrawal, or questioning the poison shots, or questioning the stolen election, or questioning an open border, or questioning inflation.”

“This is the ruling class trying to silence us and trying to engage in such a criminal, organized fraud and legitimizing it by making it all about Alex Jones and how evil he is, and so legitimizing the entire process to be carried out and used against you and your family and your company or business.”

Jones also noted that actual war criminals and corrupt corporations can still enjoy Twitter access despite injuring thousands of individuals with the experimental Covid shot or drone striking innocent children.

“The other big elephant in the room are all the big dictators and mullahs and war criminals that all have their Twitter accounts because, ‘oh, they’re world leaders, we have to hear from them!’ Most of the UN Human Rights board is made up of dictators and despots but they’re all good, they’re all great people.”

“It’s only Alex Jones who questioned Sandy Hook, questioned Jussie Smollett, questioned WMDs in Iraq. It’s that terrible Alex Jones who’s been right 98% of the time, he’s got to be silenced so we can then point at everybody else…and say ‘you’re gonna be Alex Jones next if you question something or if you question how it’s been politicized, we’re not just going to silence you, we’re going to sue you and de-bank you, and then we’re going to misrepresent what you’ve said, then we’re going to say you’ve been defaulted then have a show trial where you’re already guilty.”

Jones concluded that Musk is a “fake” and a frontman for the corporate structure that’s waging a larger war on free speech.

“You’re already living in tyranny, this is all targeted at you. Elon Musk knows that and he’s playing both sides,” Jones said, adding, “Elon Musk really stepped in it, and the internet’s waking up big time.”

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