Irony: Dementia-Stricken Joe Biden Drones On About Alzheimer’s

Image Credits: @TrumpJew/Twitter.

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden talked nonsensically about Alzheimer’s disease during another boring and halting campaign speech Tuesday.

Speaking before a small crowd of seniors in Sanford, Florida, Biden went off on a bizarre tangent about Alzheimer’s, while appearing to suffer from some symptoms of the disease himself.

“If we do not find an answer to Alzheimer’s, within the next 19 years every single solitary bed that exists in the United States of America now will be occupied by an Alzheimer’s patient,” Biden claimed.

Users on social media noted the irony of a mentally ailing man talking about tackling Alzheimer’s.

By the end of his droning speech, Biden resorted back to his tired lines of “everybody knows who Donald Trump is” and “science over fiction.”

Watch Biden’s full speech below:

It’s no surprise to anyone following his campaign, but it came as a shock to reporters on the ground in Arizona, as it is a battleground state, to see zero turnout for his co-hosted rally event with Kamala Harris since the debates.