Israel PM Netanyahu Now Says Citizens Must Get Vaccinated EVERY SIX MONTHS

Globalists moving the goalposts so that endless Big Pharma vaccines become a regular part of life

Image Credits: @factrealist2/Twitter.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took his government’s COVID-19 vaccine campaign to a new level on Wednesday, telling citizens they may need to get vaccinated every six months.

During a press briefing, Netanyahu admitted that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine being distributed across Israel may not be as effective as officials let on — which is why the government ordered 36 million more doses.

“We are working on bringing a further 36 million vaccines for the citizens of Israel, to secure the health of our citizens,” Netanyahu said. “I want to explain why. The vaccines we have, no one knows how long they last.”

“We need to prepare for the worst scenario. The worst scenario is that we have to vaccinate every half year nine million citizens of Israel, two doses,” Netanyahu argued.

His remarks come as his government is pushing the vaccine on its citizens through cringeworthy public service announcements propaganda.

Israel is also rolling out its own version of a “vaccine passport” it’s calling the Green Pass to track the health status and movements of its citizens, which will presumably enforce whether citizens take a vaccine every six months.

How much longer until they announce weekly vaccines are required?

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