“It’s a Cult”: Kaiser Chiefs Fans Boo Unvaccinated

Band frontman draws accusations of being "drug baron" promoting medical segregation after on-stage stunt.

Image Credits: Mark Holloway/Redferns.

Concertgoers attending a Kaiser Chiefs performance cheered on their favorite Covid-19 vaccines and booed unvaccinated people during a show over the weekend.

Performing at the Isle of Wight festival, British indie rock group Kaiser Chiefs vocalist Ricky Wilson asked the audience to cheer for either the Pfizer, Moderna, or Astrazeneca vaccines.

The stunt prompted accusations the band frontman was acting as a defacto “drug baron” for pharmaceutical companies.

Amid the concert, Wilson asked people to cheer as he announced the names of vaccine companies, including Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca.

Wilson then threw fans off by announcing, “Let’s hear it for the anti-vaxxers,” drawing boos from the crowd.

The stunt led some on social media to criticize the band and label pro-vaxxers “a cult.”

The outrage was addressed by Wilson on social media, who later lamented being targeted by the “Vaccine Risk Aware” community.

One health and wellness expert labeled Wilson a “drug baron” who was promoting segregation and “encouraging bullying.”

“No bullying Gillian, and no one is getting paid,” Wilson responded. “I believe what I believe. You are using your influence every single day to share what you believe (Which you have a right to do) and I do it once and you label me manipulative? Please leave me alone in future.”

Over the weekend, the antics of the pro-vax frontman were contrasted with those of Megadeth founder Dave Mustaine, who instead called out Covid tyranny during a concert last week and called for mass civil disobedience.

“Look around you, guys. Look to your right. Look to your left. And look how wonderful this is,” Mustaine commented. “We’re all here together, we’re not in fucking bags, you know? We’re not freaking out, and we’re not yelling at people: ‘Where’s your fucking mask?’”

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